Shanco specialises in delivering exceptional groundwork services tailored for specialist or complex projects across the UK.

We are committed to ensuring minimal disruption while adhering to stringent health and safety protocols, making us a trusted partner for challenging construction endeavours.

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Advanced groundworks solutions nationwide

Shanco offers bespoke groundwork services across the UK, tailored to meet the demands of complex and specialist construction projects.

Diverse Projects Delivered

Successfully executed numerous major projects nationwide, enhancing infrastructure across various sectors.

Specialised Operatives

Over 60 of our operatives are specifically trained to handle the technical and logistical challenges in complex groundworks environments.

Specialist Services

Implemented multiple advanced projects using efficient construction detailing, optimising project completion and minimising onsite disruption.

Years of Specialised Experience

Shanco boasts extensive experience in managing and executing complex groundwork projects with a high level of professionalism and adherence to safety standards.

Groundworks expertise for nationwide projects

Shanco utilises extensive industry knowledge and specialised skills to deliver high-quality groundwork services tailored to the needs of complex and specialist construction projects, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Groundworks Case Studies

Read our comprehensive case studies to explore the challenges we've navigated and the projects we've successfully completed in the complex and demanding sector of nationwide groundworks.

Discover the range of Shanco's services

Browse through the list of our most common services.
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  • Shanco Services – Site Remediation
  • Shanco Services – Excavation Works
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  • Shanco Services – Drainage Systems
  • Shanco Services – Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Shanco Services – Utility Services
  • Shanco Services – Damp & Gas Barriers
  • Shanco Services – Hard Landscaping
  • Shanco Services – Section 278 Works
  • Shanco Services – Underground Basements
  • Shanco Services – Precast Beams
  • Shanco Services – Large Concrete Slabs
  • Shanco Services – Service Yards
  • Shanco Services – Machine Plinths
  • Shanco Services – Retaining Walls
  • Shanco Services – Concrete Ramps
  • Shanco Services – Planning and Compliance
  • Shanco Services – Environment Operations
  • Shanco Services – Customer Service
  • Shanco Services – Project Management
  • Shanco Services – Project Budgeting
  • Shanco Services – Programme Management

Consistency across the nation

Unlike many groundworks contractors, Shanco offers a nationwide service as standard. Ensuring delivery standards and programme management are always on point.

Exceeding Expectations in Complex Construction Environments

  • Stephen Kirk

    “The work carried out and the overall finish is excellent and it all went without a noticeable hitch. All your guys were excellent and are a credit to you.”

    Stephen Kirk
    Lean Manufacturing, Projects Manager
  • Steven James
    An exceptionally complex project was delivered on time and under budget. Excellent teamwork at every stage contributed to the project's success.
    Steven James
    End Client
  • Robert Snook, Site Manager
    Having run sites for over 30 years now, it has been great to work with a professional team, who are courteous, knowledgeable, well organised and above all, get the job done. The Site Supervisor was outstanding, I would have no hesitation in recommending Shanco.
    Robert Snook, Site Manager
    Main Contractor
  • Dale Green, Project Manager

    This is my second time working with Shanco. As this is a live prison, it’s taken a momentous effort to organise staff bookings and deliveries, and a good team effort has been achieved due to their positive attitude. Access/clearance has been a challenge, and the coordination of deliveries by Shanco has been fantastic. This has been such a crucial part of the running of the site, it has made my job far easier. 

    The relationship with security and the OSGs is also very crucial, Shanco has adhered to the policies and has also helped tremendously in this regard. Their QA and HSE procedures are well documented and have been complimented on by our relevant departments.

    We have faced many challenges together as a team, their proactive approach has been of great assistance, and the project is ahead of programme thanks to them. I would certainly recommend Shanco for any future projects in the MoJ department, or any other site projects.

    Dale Green, Project Manager
    HMP in Northern England

Transparency forges the strongest partnership

Take a look through the questions most asked by our customers. And real the full, honest answers with in depth explanations and relevant context.

Connect with our team

Our professional and down to earth team will be able to answer any questions that you have about us. If you prefer to discover a little more about Shanco beforehand, you can try our resource centre, which includes: Customer Questions, Case Studies, Our Blog and News Articles articles.