June 19, 2024

Safe and Secure: Ensuring Security in Groundworks

When working with a groundworks subcontractor on sensitive national security projects, it is essential to ensure that everyone on site has the correct security clearances and adheres to best practices. This article provides examples of what to look for when choosing a groundworks contractor for security-sensitive projects.
April 22, 2024

Spotlight On: Tom Coggin

It’s a pleasure to introduce our new Senior Estimator Tom Coggin as we explore his lifelong passion for construction, his take on the job role within the Shanco team, and his advice for those considering a similar position within the construction industry.
April 15, 2024

Modular Builds: Overcoming the Challenges of Occupied Sites

The rise in modular construction can be seen across sectors ranging from healthcare and education through to commercial. From providing additional space through to creating extensive new facilities, modular buildings are being designed for a variety of purposes with many adding to existing properties on a site. ​When construction takes place in a live environment and with speed often a priority, a groundworks contractor must address the challenges of occupied sites to ensure the programme remains on track. Here we explain how:
April 7, 2024

Three Steps to Avoid Disruption for Manufacturers

The number one priority when delivering concrete services or groundworks at manufacturing plants is to avoid disruption. Regardless of the size or type of manufacturer, their operation must not be affected by the works, ensuring production schedules and deliveries can run as normal. To achieve this, a groundworks contractor must work closely with the manufacturer and design teams to carefully plan the project and consider the wider issues that could impact delivery. Here we explain the key steps involved in this process and why they matter:
March 31, 2024

Modular Construction: Five Steps to Help Control Your Costs

A groundworks contractor can have a huge impact on the efficiency of a modular construction project. A well-planned groundworks solution can not only help to save significant time but also costs.​ Key to achieving this is more effective partnership working and a better understanding of what information is needed and by when. So, if you’re planning a modular build, here’s our guide to working more effectively with your groundworks contractor
March 24, 2024

Modular Construction: Top Tips to Reduce Onsite Risks

The speed and ease of modular construction are two of its major benefits, but both could be impacted by poor or unsuitable ground conditions. Declan Armour explains the risks and offers advice on how to ensure an efficient and robust modular project.
Modular Construction: Top Tips to Reduce Onsite Risks
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