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January 16, 2024
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Good Coordination and Communication Helps Abbey Hill Primary School Grow

Facing an urgent need to accommodate a growing number of students, Shanco was appointed with the critical task of expanding the school’s capacity by completing the groundworks for two new modular classrooms. As the contracted groundworks specialist, Shanco tackled this challenge head-on, navigating complex site constraints and intricate infrastructure requirements to ensure a successful outcome.

Key Services

The project commenced with the transformation of a large grassed mound into a suitable formation level to allow the installation of pad foundations for the new classrooms. Prior to excavation, detailed investigation works were conducted. Shanco meticulously conducted WAC testing and hand-dug a series of trial holes to locate and divert the school’s existing HV and data cabling, a task critical for the project’s time frame. Managing this challenge demanded precision and expertise.

The Challenges

The site, shared with numerous contractors working on a different phase within the main school, parallel to our site, posed spatial constraints. Shanco orchestrated the sequence of digging and pouring the foundations meticulously, coordinating seamlessly with other contractors. Installing new drainage and service ducts was imperative to ensure the new classrooms received modern power and high-speed data connectivity. Shanco’s thorough planning and coordination ensured that these critical elements were integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

Once the modular building was successfully placed on the foundations, Shanco’s expertise extended to completing the external areas. This phase involved creating a new tarmac playground and landscaped areas. The external environment was transformed to complement the new infrastructure, creating a conducive learning environment for the students.

The Outcome

A cornerstone of Shanco’s success lay in open lines of communication and effective project management. The site supervisor played a pivotal role, closely monitoring works alongside other trades. Shanco’s proactive approach ensured that deliveries and operations were seamlessly coordinated, preventing clashes with other contractors. This careful planning and communication strategy not only kept the project on schedule but also garnered praise from the main contractor and the school’s team.

This case study stands as a testament to Shanco’s commitment to excellence, showcasing how seamless collaboration and technical proficiency can transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring the smooth growth of educational spaces.

Good Coordination and Communication Helps Abbey Hill Primary School Grow
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