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Flexibility and Strong Planning Keep School Open During Modular Extension

Hampton Junior Primary School, nestled in a bustling suburban area, envisioned transforming its existing sheltered outdoor seating area into a cutting-edge modular dining room. With the school’s population on the rise, there was a pressing need for expansion. Entrusted with this task by the Main Contractor, a renowned modular manufacturer, Shanco undertook this challenge to bring this vision to life. This case study delves into the complexities of this transformative project and the meticulous logistics involved.

The Challenges

The project’s primary challenge was its location within the school playground, necessitating meticulous planning to minimise disruptions to the concurrent works by other contractors within the main school building, with only one shared access to the site, time was of the essence as all works required to be completed in the Summer holidays. Shanco dismantled the existing shelter swiftly and safely to make way for the new modular dining room, followed by the reduced level dig and pad foundations which required precise measurements and levelling to accommodate the modular structure seamlessly.

Installing efficient drainage and service connections within the limited space available was a significant challenge. Preservation of the existing playground was paramount, requiring careful selection of equipment to minimise damage. Additionally, dealing with unknown existing services due to the school’s extensive history presented hurdles. The existing school, built in 1907, had numerous additional revamps to improve its infrastructure and updated records were not obtained. Shanco conducted a series of sub-scan surveys and trial holes that gave us a clear vision of routes to take which would have minimal impact on the aesthetics of the existing playground.

The Outcome

Shanco’s meticulous planning, expert execution, and attention to detail resulted in the successful completion of Hampton Junior Primary School’s new modular dining room. Despite the challenges posed by the project’s location within the playground, the construction was completed on time and within budget.

Shanco’s strategic scheduling and efficient work practices minimised disruptions to other contractors within the school grounds and the project was completed without any incidents, ensuring the safety of the school staff and other contractors throughout the construction period.

The success of this project highlights Shanco’s commitment to delivering high-quality construction solutions, even in challenging logistical locations, ensuring client satisfaction and the creation of innovative educational spaces.

Flexibility and Strong Planning Keep School Open During Modular Extension
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