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Simultaneous Works at Care Home in Brampton, Barnsley

As part of the wider care home scheme Shanco Contracts, on behalf of LNT, were required by the local authority to make alterations to the entire frontage of their new site in Brampton, Barnsley. The scheme included the formation of a new site entrance to the care home, with tactile paving crossings and safety bollards. Additionally, a stretch of approximately 50m of footpath needed to be replaced and resurfaced, with new kerbs to the front and back edges.

The Project

These works were carried out whilst Shanco were also completing the external works package for the care home inside of the site; a high level of organisation and communication was at the forefront of keeping works progressing inside of site as well as completing the 278 works outside in a tight timeframe. The works inside the care home involved the installation of drainage and services, the stoning up and formation of the car parks and footpaths to serve the care home, block paved areas within the courtyards to create aesthetically pleasing seating areas for users and various hard and soft landscaping features.

The Challenges

Due to the scale of the S.278 scheme, the project had to be executed in two separate phases. The first phase required diverting the footpath to accommodate the work area. In the second phase, the presence of an existing pedestrian island necessitated continuous operation of two-way manned traffic lights and closure of pedestrian access to the housing estate behind.

Because of the complexity of the scheme and the potential for disruption caused, Shanco began liaising with the council in November, for a potential start date in February of the following year. Consultations were carried out and over 500 letters were delivered to the nearby homes and businesses that could have been affected by these works being carried out on the main road.

Due to the potential for disruption from the roadworks, Shanco liaised with LNT, the council and the necessary utility providers to ensure that the service connection works to the care home were carried out during the S.278 works, under the control of Shanco. Contact was made with BT Openreach 4 months prior to works starting, as they had an existing chamber that was positioned in the new crossing, and works to install the new chamber in a different position in the footpath were carried out, incorporating the new telecommunications supply to the care home. Yorkshire Water were also able to sequence their connection works during the S.278 scheme and were able to install the water supply to the home.

The Results

The end result of this coordination was less disruption to the council and residents, by carrying out works simultaneously, and then achieving a more aesthetic finish on the care home footpath by avoiding further excavation upon completion. The coordinated efforts and simultaneous execution of works yielded several benefits:

  • Reduced Disruption: By aligning the S.278 works and internal care home construction, disruptions to the council, residents, and ongoing construction activities were minimised.
  • Efficient Project Timelines: Simultaneous execution of works reduced overall project timelines, optimising resource utilisation and ensuring timely completion.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Avoiding further excavation upon completion of the S.278 works resulted in an aesthetically pleasing finish for the care home footpath, enhancing its visual appeal and user experience.

This project demonstrates the successful execution of a complex care home scheme through meticulous planning, coordination, and effective communication. The project’s achievements underscore the importance of early consultations, utility coordination, and open lines of communication with stakeholders. By minimising disruption and achieving aesthetic excellence, the project showcases the benefits of seamless coordination and highlights the significance of effective project management practices in delivering successful outcomes.

Simultaneous Works at Care Home in Brampton, Barnsley
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