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Shanco Provide Full Groundworks At New Modular Academy, Including Impressive Landscaping And New Amphitheatre

Northmoor Academy in Central Oldham, Manchester, undertook a significant project to build a new 3FE (Three-Form Entry) primary school, accommodating 630 pupils. Shanco played a pivotal role in completing all groundworks and civil engineering infrastructure for the innovative modular Academy.

Key Services

Shanco was entrusted with the intricate task of managing the complex site challenges at Northmoor Academy. Our scope of work encompassed a wide array of services, including extensive earthworks operations, foundation construction involving strip and pad foundations with precision set HD Bolts within the sports hall, and meticulous installation of drainage and services. Shanco’s expertise ensured that the new build adhered to the stringent CS2 classification gas protection measures, as requested in the site geotechnical report. This involved rigorous inspections and certification processes to guarantee compliance.

The Challenges

Upon the installation of the modular building, Shanco delved into the challenging realm of hard landscaping. Reinforced concrete retaining walls were constructed to establish secure and safe access routes to the new 4G pitches, which were strategically located on the tier below the school level. Shanco’s collaboration with the Architect led to the realisation of a visionary tiered sleeper amphithere overlooking the 4G pitch. Shanco translated the design intent into reality by meticulously drafting drawings and proposing construction methods, ensuring the seamless execution of the unique seating area.

One of the key challenges faced by Shanco was minimising the impact of our works in the site’s prominent town centre location. Situated adjacent to the local college and surrounded by residential and commercial properties, Shanco’s team worked closely with the modular contractor and the design team. Together, we developed innovative value engineering options for the external works. This collaborative effort ensured that the project remained within budget, met the required specifications, and adhered to the designated timeline.

The Outcome

Shanco’s expertise and innovative problem-solving played a crucial role in the successful completion of Northmoor Academy’s ambitious project. Our ability to navigate complex site challenges, collaborate effectively with stakeholders, and deliver exceptional quality within the constraints of a prominent town centre location underscored our commitment to excellence. The completed modular Academy stands as a testament to Shanco’s dedication, skill and ability to overcome challenges, providing the students of Northmoor Academy with a state-of-the-art learning environment.

This case study stands as a testament to Shanco’s commitment to excellence, showcasing how seamless collaboration and technical proficiency can transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring the smooth growth of educational spaces.

Shanco Provide Full Groundworks At New Modular Academy, Including Impressive Landscaping And New Amphitheatre
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