Shanco: A Unique Groundworks service across England and Wales
Shanco: A Unique Groundworks service across England and Wales
May 6, 2024
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May 12, 2024

Installation of New Site-wide Services to HMP Facility Coinciding with Shanco Works for Expansion

This case study focuses on the installation of 2km services across the prison site to support the facility’s simultaneous expansion works. This involved casting generator bases and foundations for a new substation, while adhering to strict security restrictions and maintaining the safety and security of the live prison environment. This case study will highlight the successful completion of the site-wide service trench within the programme, resulting in positive feedback from the site manager.

Planning and Coordination

The primary objective was to provide the facility with a clear vision of the project’s intentions, ensuring all parties involved had a comprehensive understanding of the project. The installation process began with a number of site meetings with the client, M&E contractors and representatives from the facility to discuss and survey a clear route for the services prior to work commencing. After a thorough survey of the area, Shanco then produced detailed site drawings that offered a clear vision of the scope of work. By involving the facility’s stakeholders from the beginning, the team could align their intentions with the facility’s needs, minimising potential conflicts during implementation.

Overcoming Challenges

Careful management was necessary to navigate numerous unexpected challenges that arose throughout the project. During the survey stage, Shanco encountered existing services and culverts that were not identified in the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey. This required careful coordination with utility providers to reroute existing services and avoid disruptions to the facility’s operations. Additionally, the presence of asbestos in some areas necessitated specialised procedures and safety measures to ensure its containment and removal according to regulations. The new service route crossed a mixture of soft and hard landscaped areas, including the main access road through the facility meaning a carefully sequenced route was essential to ensure access was maintained 24/7.

Successful Project Completion

Despite the strict security restrictions and unique obstacles faced, the project team successfully completed the 2km service trench within the designated programme, serving as a notable case study in project management. This accomplishment not only fulfilled the facility’s expansion needs but also set the groundwork for future improvements.

Through proactive planning, effective communication, and adherence to safety regulations, the site-wide installation was carried out efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to the prison’s daily operations. By adhering to the agreed-upon route and effectively managing unexpected obstacles, Shanco demonstrated their problem-solving expertise and commitment to meeting the project’s objectives, while maintaining high standards of quality and security.

Installation of New Site-wide Services to HMP Facility Coinciding with Shanco Works for Expansion
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