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June 25, 2024
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Freshpak Barnsley Benefits From New Bunded Area

Freshpak Barnsley, a leading industrial facility, required the construction of a robust bunded area to take delivery of the new effluent treatment plant. The Main Contractor entrusted Shanco, renowned for its expertise in groundworks, to undertake the expansive scheme.

The Project

The scope of the project included installation of a reinforced slab laid to falls, with level concrete plinths raised above the slab and surrounded by a watertight reinforced concrete perimeter wall 1.4m high for the new effluent tanks. This project demanded precision, collaboration, and innovative solutions because of its complex requirements on the live site taking deliveries 24/7.

The Challenge

The location of the works caused considerable consideration to phasing and material deliveries as it was opposite the facility’s main delivery loading bays, resulting in an endless trail of HGV wagons which could not be obstructed or delayed to ensure the facility maintained its every day work schedule.

The Approach

Shanco’s scope involved the installation of a reinforced raft, which was intricately laid to falls to ensure there was no standing rainwater. Operatives laid the reinforced concrete plinths precisely to support the equipment. They were then enclosed by a 1.4m high reinforced, watertight concrete wall. Additionally, Shanco collaborated with the flood gate manufacturers and installers during the casting of the walls, to obtain a seamless installation with minimal disruption to the live site.

The project also included the implementation of cast in situ concrete sumps to allow efficient channelling of effluents, preventing stagnation and ensuring a clean and functional environment within the facility. We poured a reinforced concrete raft which was laid to falls to allow sufficient drainage and prevent water accumulation within the area.


Shanco closely coordinated with the flood gate manufacturers and installers to integrate the wall pours with the floodgate system seamlessly. This required meticulous planning and communication to ensure compatibility between the groundworks and flood protection elements. This was fulfilled through regular meetings and updates, as well as joint site inspections. The installation of reinforced plinths demanded high precision to minimise differential errors. Shanco employed advanced techniques and stringent quality control measures to achieve required accuracy, ensuring the stability and durability of the plinths.

The team addressed the challenge of minimising the differential errors during the plinth installation using laser guided levelling techniques and utilised high quality reinforced materials. They maintained strict adherence to industry standards and conducted regular measurements and checks throughout the installation process, ensuring minimal deviations from the specified dimensions.

The Results

Shanco’s expertise and collaboration with the flood gate manufacturers ensured the successful completion of the groundworks package for Freshpak Barnsley’s effluent treatment plant. The facility’s reinforced slab, perimeter walls and plinths were installed with exceptional precision, meeting all structural requirements and exceeding clients expectations.

This project highlighted Shanco’s ability to tackle complex challenges in groundworks. The successful completion of the Freshpak Barnsley effluent treatment plant project further solidified Shanco’s reputation as a reliable and proficient partner in the construction industry.

Freshpak Barnsley Benefits From New Bunded Area
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