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June 19, 2024
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Foundry Mill Care Home, Leeds

Shanco undertook a challenging project in Leeds involving the groundworks for a new care home facility.

The Project

The scope of our services encompassed a wide range of tasks, from initial earthworks and foundation works to drainage installation, retaining wall construction, Section 278 entrance and crossing works, and drainage connection in the highway. One of the most intricate challenges faced was the unexpected discovery of an unknown basement beneath the site.

The Challenges

The unknown basement, which was discovered halfway through constructing the foundations, unveiled the complexity of this project. This unexpected hurdle demanded innovative timesaving solutions to ensure the stability of the new structure while efficiently managing the surplus space and keeping progression on site. Shanco’s expertise was put to the test in overcoming this challenge and working collaboratively with the client and designers to come up with an innovative solution to complete the foundations.

To address the mystery basement, Shanco devised a groundbreaking solution. We supported the existing ground and meticulously filled the void with imported aggregate in compacted layers. This ingenious method not only maintained the stability of the construction site but also dramatically reduced the volume of concrete required for the new foundations. This innovative approach showcased Shanco’s ability to adapt swiftly and creatively to unforeseen challenges.

The complexity of this project was further intensified because of the proximity of an operational care facility neighbouring the construction site. Shanco implemented rigorous segregation practices to ensure the safety and well-being of the existing facility’s occupants. Strict control measures for noise and dust were put in place across the entire site. All deliveries were meticulously coordinated to occur during convenient times, minimising disruptions to the neighbouring establishment.

The Results:

Shanco’s successful completion of the groundworks, followed by the hard and soft landscaping for the new care home facility in Leeds, stands as a testament to our adaptability and problem-solving skills. The unexpected discovery of the unknown basement posed a significant challenge, but our innovative solution not only ensured the stability of the new structure but also showcased our commitment to overcoming obstacles with precision and expertise. This project exemplifies Shanco’s dedication to delivering exceptional results even in the face of unexpected challenges, ensuring the seamless progress of complex construction endeavours.

Foundry Mill Care Home, Leeds
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