Blueprint for a Successful Groundworks Project
Blueprint for a successful groundworks project
April 29, 2024
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May 3, 2024

EV-ready Car Park & Efficient Street Lights for the Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is the government agency responsible for administering the justice system across the UK. As part of its commitment to sustainability and promoting electric vehicle (EV) adoption, the MOJ decided to construct a new 30-space car park with integrated street lighting and 4 EV charging points at one of its key locations, alongside Shanco’s simultaneous works within the facility. This case study outlines the planning, design and implementation of the project, highlighting the benefits and challenges faced during its execution.

The Project

The aim of the project was to increase the vehicle capacity, catering to the growing demand from employees and visitors. The process began with collaborative planning between Shanco, the MOJ’s Facility Management Team, design consultants and the Main Contractor. As the site was next to a live car park, discussions centred around how best to successfully deliver the job with minimal disruption to other parts of the facility while ensuring safety measures were implemented to safeguard the employees and members of the public during our work.

Our Approach

Following a comprehensive site survey and analysis, Shanco took the lead in arranging and managing the process of conducting CBR tests across the area, allowing the design team to develop detailed plans for the new car park. Shanco then assisted with erecting fixed steel fencing panels across the perimeter to guarantee a secure site.

After obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, Shanco carried out the reduce level dig. As this was underway, a portion of the excavated material was retained to later form a swale at one end of site, needed to drain any potential water from potential flooding to an existing dyke. The possible impact of excessive rainwater was a key consideration throughout the project. To guarantee control of water levels the car park was designed to be used as an attenuation system. Following the installation of a new perimeter kerb line, permeable type 3 stone was added to help with this.

The next stage of the project included excavating and installing new street light ducting as well as casting in-situ concrete duct chambers. Our operatives followed the correct procedures to expose existing services before the ducts were carefully dug up by hand to an existing substation which had numerous high voltage cables supplying the facility. At this stage, the EV charging bases were also installed. The permeable tarmac finish on the car park was then white-lined, and for the purpose of safety, crash barriers were installed, all under Shanco’s control.

The Results

Upon completion of the project, the MOJ’s new car park with integrated street lighting and EV charging points have offered numerous benefits:

  • Increased Capacity – The car park’s enhanced capacity alleviated parking issues and improved overall accessibility for the employees and visitors.
  • Sustainable Solutions – The installation of energy-efficient street lights and EV charging points promoted sustainable practices and reduced the MOJ’s carbon footprint.
  • Positive Public Image – The MOJ’s commitment to sustainability and providing modern facilities showcased its dedication to social and environmental responsibility.
  • Promotion of EV Adoption – The availability of EV charging infrastructure encouraged the use of electric vehicles among employees and visitors, contributing to a cleaner environment and promoting green practices.
EV-ready Car Park & Efficient Street Lights for the Ministry of Justice
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